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Earn 10% Commission on Wallpaper Purchases!

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    Interior Designers' Choice: Your Dedicated Space for Client Presentations!

Interior Designers, are you looking for a space to impress your clients?

Designed for interior designers to wow their clients! Our exclusive room is your private haven, stocked with a vast array of wallpaper books and paint chip options from top manufacturers. It’s your space to bring in clients and ignite their design imaginations.

Visualize Your Design Dreams

How we help your clients:

Enhanced Visualization

Clients gain a clearer understanding of how various wallpapers and paint options will look in their space, fostering confident decision-making and reducing uncertainty during the design process.

Tailored Client Experience

The room offers a personalized setting for interior designers to cater to their clients’ specific tastes and preferences, fostering a comfortable and engaging environment for discussions.

Total Design Showcase

Access to a vast collection of wallpaper books from major manufacturers and Sherwin Williams paint options provides an extensive palette of design choices, ensuring a diverse range of options for different client preferences and styles.

Visualize Your Design Dreams

How we help designers:

Effortless Planning and Support

We handle in-home measurements to avoid excess wallpaper orders and handle any issues like defects or dye lot mismatches, ensuring a smooth process for designers and timely installations.

Seamless One-Stop Projects

Designers can rely on us not just for wallpaper but also for installation and painting if needed, simplifying their projects into one streamlined process.

Earn While We Assist

Designers receive a 10% commission (excluding tax and shipping) and can leave the hassle of carrying bulky samples to us, focusing on their expertise while we handle materials and offer financial rewards.

What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Booking Options

Convenient booking system allowing interior designers to schedule sessions at their preferred date and time, ensuring a hassle-free and personalized experience for their clients.

Dedicated Designer Room

Exclusive access to a private room within the store, providing a focused and intimate space for client consultations away from the main store floor.

Tailored Design Assistance

Expert guidance and support from knowledgeable staff, assisting in navigating through design options and offering professional advice for client projects.

Vast Wallpaper Collection

Access to a diverse range of wallpaper designs, textures, and patterns from various renowned manufacturers, catering to a wide array of design preferences.

Paint Chip Options

We facilitate seamless color coordination and ensuring harmony between wallpapers and paint choices.

Visual Presentation Tools

Tools and resources available in the room to aid in presenting design concepts, facilitating a more engaging and comprehensive visual representation for clients.

We offer a 10% commission for your clients on total wallpaper purchases (excluding tax and shipping), reducing the burden of carrying samples and books for designers.

Interior designers can book our private room with diverse wallpaper samples and books from leading manufacturers!

We ensure accurate wallpaper quantities, eliminating over-ordering, and addressing potential issues like defects or dye lot discrepancies.

We will handle and solve any issues with defective or mismatched wallpapers, ensuring timely installations.

We provide installation for purchased wallpapers and even offering painting services for a seamless, comprehensive home transformation.

We create a relaxed atmosphere for designers and clients at the shop while providing a vast array of materials to aid decision-making.